You have to see it to believe it

Ms. M came to Belle Boudoir to celebrate two momentous occasions in her life. Not only had she lost 156 pounds and kept it off for 10 years, but she was also turning 50! She chose Belle Boudoir to help her capture these special moments in time. She loved Cheryl Jones’ portfolio and the preparation guide she sent out to help Ms. M prepare for her session.

When Ms. M arrived at the Belle Boudoir studio she was greeted by Nikoma, our resident hair and makeup artist. “Nikoma’s smile and enthusiasm instantly relaxed me and it was so much fun to watch her transform me with her skillful makeup application.” When her hair and makeup were finished, she felt excited seeing the final result and was elated with her OWN before and after images.

Seeing the final images took Ms. M’s breath away. It was “truly one of the ‘you have to see it to believe it’ experiences in life.” She is proud of the her courage to go through with her session and left the studio feeling deeply feminine, saying that coming to Belle Boudoir was “the most loving thing (she has) ever done for (her)self.” Ms. M “Hope(s) to inspire all of the women in (her) life to reclaim and celebrate their femininity and sexiness through a boudoir session, wether for themselves or a special person in their life.” We loved having Ms. M in the studio for her boudoir session and hope that the uplifting feelings she left the studio with will stay with her forever.


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