Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most dominant genetic trait resulting in a whopping 55% of the worlds population sporting some variation of the sultry color. Brown eyes have a natural “bedroom eye” look to them before even applying makeup which is why I consider them to be one of the sexiest eye colors out there. And with eyes that sultry, you are going to want to show them off! Which is why I am going to tell you which eyeshadow colors to use to make those big brown eyes truly stand out.

Brown Eyes: Blue is opposite from brown on the color wheel which means that it is the most flattering color against your eyes. Blue tends to make brown eyes look a shade lighter and brighter. I know most people think that since we are out of the 80’s, blue eyeshadow is no longer en vogue but I beg to differ. Sure, the powder blue shimmer applied from your lash line to brow bone is a thing of the past but there are tons of ways to work blue into your routine without looking dated. Choosing a grey or gunmetal with a blue undertone is an easy and relatively neutral way to wear blue. You can also use a little pop of a soft silvery-blue in the inner corner or center of your eyelid to create a color contrast. My favorite way to add in blue when working on brown eyes, is by lining the inner upper rim of the eye with a royal or dark blue color. This puts the blue as close to your eyes as it can get and makes the color less noticeable but everyone will wonder what you did to make your eyes look so vibrant. So don’t be afraid, go ahead and pick up some blue shadow or liner next time you are shopping for makeup. You will be glad that you did!

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