Back in January of this year, Ms. J was walking through row after row of booths at the Seattle Wedding Show when her sister b-lined for a booth that immediately drew her in. It was the Belle Boudoir booth. When Ms. J joined her sister, she was already gawking at the before and after photos “of everyday women who were transformed into lingerie models.” Ms. J had secretly always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but like most women she felt too shy and self conscious about her body. But, after flipping through enough of the before and after photos, she knew that Belle Boudoir would be able to turn HER into a “lingerie model” as well. After chatting about what to anticipate at a shoot with Belle Boudoir, Ms. J booked her session with us.

Ms. J grew up as a self proclaimed “tomboy” who never felt pretty or feminine. That feeling carried with her through her adult years until the day she met her fiance. It was Valentines Day when they initially started talking via the internet, as many people do these days. Their conversations lasted for hours and finally a few weeks later the two met for their first date. Since that day, Ms. J’s fiance has helped her to recognize and embrace her beauty and femininity. “His love and admiration is really what has broken me out of myshell and changed my opinion of myself and made me want to be that girl I never was. Belle Boudoir was the perfect opportunity for my continual growth in becoming that woman.”

Ms. J had never participated in a boudoir shoot but described her experience as “unbelievable.” Though she thought the whole experience would be rather nerve racking and uncomfortable, she found the experience to be quite the contrary. “Cheryl, made me feel very comfortable and at ease at my most vulnerable and did an amazing job coaching me throughout my shoot, ultimately capturing the most beautiful and natural photographs.” There were two major aspects of her session that made it absolutely unforgettable for Ms. J: “first, seeing your hair and makeup finally complete and, then second, viewing the final results. Nikoma was such a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm can’t be matched. She did a beautiful job accentuating my natural beauty but also added enough shock and awe. Seeing myself all dolled up, with golden curls was a wonderful sight. After a long day, that seemed to fly bye, it was finally time to see the end results which turned out to be mind blowing. I honestly think I was more nervous to see my pictures then to actually shoot them but the moment that first picture showed up on the screen, I was speechless. Every picture and I mean EVERY picture was gorgeous. They were the most beautiful, classy, elegant and seductive pictures I have ever seen and I couldn’t believe they were of ME. Cheryl pulled out both my inner and outer beauty and similar to Nikona accentuated my natural beauty and curves. Seeing yourself like that, like a model… there was no better feeling.”

Leaving the studio for the final time that day, Ms. J felt like she was walking on “cloud nine.” She felt beautiful, she felt feminine, and she felt empowered. All of things we hope every client will walk away with.  She continued by saying that “I have never seen myself as a beautiful women and have deeply struggled with confidence issues especially when it came to my appearance and this experience was definitely an affirmation that I am a beautiful women. When I got home and sha red my story and complimentary photo with Rob, all he had to say was, WOW…WOW….wow and that he was glad that I was finally able to see myself as the beautiful women he always sees. This experience is definitely one for the books and will most likely be one I never experience again but it will forever remain in my mind and heart. This was the experience I needed to finally see myself for the gorgeous women that I am and will continue to be. Thank you, Nikoma and Cheryl.”

THANK YOU JAMIE! Thank you for coming into Belle Boudoir and allowing to help you see how truly beautiful and feminine you are! Your story is one that keeps us passionate and excited about what we are doing at Belle Boudoir.

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