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After 43 years of being married to her best friend, Ms. P suffered a spinal bleed, one of only 36 recorded cases, which left her in a wheelchair for the next 5 months. She worked hard and with the help of her doctors, Ms. P learned to walk, dance, and smile again. Her appreciation for those abilities cannot be explained with words. In honor of her recovery, Ms. P’s husband gave her a session at Belle Boudoir to help her feel as beautiful as he knows she is.

At “66 years young. This was the most wonderful experience” for Ms. P.  She “felt gently cared for” and appreciated Cheryl’s professionalism. Cheryl “knows how to bring out beauty from within. The photo shoot was so much fun. The time flew by. The studio is lovely.” Ms. P continued gushing by saying that “the make up and hair session that proceeded the shoot honestly made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt before.”

After Ms. P’s photoshoot and image reveal were complete, she felt “sexy, young, happy, and (her) heart soared.” She has said the her boudoir session at Belle Boudoir was “life changing” and that she would recommend Belle Boudoir to any woman who wants her confidence to soar!

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