I feel like a bombshell

Ms. M attended the Seattle Wedding Show in January with her best friend intending to find some good ideas for her upcoming wedding but she had no idea she would stumble upon the Belle Boudoir booth. The thought of doing a boudoir session for her soon to be husband hadn’t previously crossed her mind. Ms. M loved Cheryl Jones’ portfolio so much that she wanted to book her session with us on the spot but decided it was smart to walk around for a bit before committing. After a loop around the convention center, Ms. M found herself back at the Belle Boudoir booth signing up for her own photoshoot.

The makeup and hair portion was amazing!! Nikoma has a wonderful personality and made me look amazing!!!! While at times I felt as though I was in an awkward position, the reveal of the pictures was breathtaking. I had no idea I could EVER look so stunning. I live in sweats. Work in scrubs. To see myself so sexy and feminine was….. I can’t even put it into words! Amazing! Wow! I feel like a bombshell. Still.

My self confidence has gone through the roof!

Now that her session is over, the tough part begins: keeping the photos a secret until she gifts them to her fiance.

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