The Concealer Everyone is Talking About

You cannot look at and beauty inspired Intagram, YouTube, or Blog without hearing everyone rave about the new-sh Maybelline Fit My Concealer. While there are a handful of drugstore makeup products that I am a huge fan of, it is rare that I buy into any drugstore skin products such as foundation and concealer. But, after hearing about the Fit Me and seeing it in use on many makeup tutorials, I decided it would be an injustice not to give it a try.

The concealer comes in 6 different shades ranging from a pink based fair tone all the way to a golden based cafe color. There is a color that will match almost every skin tone within those six shades which is a blessing to a makeup artist who has to carry around all their makeup in one heavy kit. It is also a blessing for those of you who not super makeup say because chances are that out of 6 shades you will be able to easily figure out which one is best for you and with a $7 price point, if it is slightly off, you won’t break the budget getting the next best color. (Keep in mind that many drugstores now have excellent return policies on makeup even after you have tried them).

I started with buying four basic colors and the color that would match my skin. I always like to try a new product on myself before using it on clients and this concealer was no exception to that rule. As soon as purchased my basket full of makeup and got into my car, I immediately opened up the Fit Me concealer that was right for my skin tone and began to slather it under my eye area; my problem area and the best place test a concealer. It went on smoothly and blended nicely into the makeup I was already wearing and I genuinely loved the matte brightening effect it seemed to give me. After a full day of wearing it, the only problem I encountered was that due to the emollience, my mascara seemed to transfer on to my lower eye area but I have been able to fix that by tapping a little translucent powder over the top of my concealer before applying mascara.

Over the last several weeks I have used the Fit Me concealer on several clients and almost everyone has asked “what did you just put on me” immediately after I am through with the application. One of the best signs I could ask for. While I will never get rid or cease using my MAC, Smashbox, Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, or Bobby Brown concealers, I now have another addition to my concealer arsenal.

So, if you have been on the search for a beautiful and cost efficient concealer, take a tip from me and give the Maybelline Fit Me concealer a shot. I have a feeling you will not be disappointed.

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