Teeth Whitening Without the Dentinst

By now you have heard the buzz about active charcoal and all of the detoxifying benefits of taking it internally. But, have you heard that you can use active charcoal as an at-home teeth whitening treatment? Well, you can and people are absolutely raving about the results. The same way that activated charcoal works internally by binding to all the chemicals that we need to detox from, it works in the mouth. The aactivated charcoal is a loose black powder that is odorless and tasteless. You create a paste using a small amount of water and the loose charcoal (it typically comes in capsule format). Apply the past liberally to your toothbrush and use gentle circular motions for three minutes on your teeth. The super binding power of the activated charcoal will cause plaque and other stains to adhere to charcoal and will wash away with you rinse your mouth thoroughly after the three minutes of scrubbing are up.

In a few reports I have read that if you have dental implants or other dental work, it is possible that the charcoal will temporarily stain the dental work and it has been knows to temporarily stain a sink or two as well. So, take precaution before diving in. Do your research to decided if it is the right home treatment for you. But if it is the right treatment, it is all natural, super safe, and according to studies it is also very affective. Happy Whitening!

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