Acne Scarring and Your Photoshoot

Let’s face it, not everyone was born blessed with flawless skin free of dry patches, large pores, pesky chin hairs, or acne. For clients with acne scarring, being photographed for a special event like a wedding or boudoir session for that matter, can be a sensitive topic. We often get questions about what can be done to ensure they get that flawless “just stepped out of a skincare commercial.” This blog is dedicated to all of you.

Creating flawless in your photographs is a combination of a few things; makeup, lighting, and post production (AKA photoshop). It will start in makeup where your makeup artist will chat with you about your skin type, what you like about it, what you don’t, and the type of finish you are looking for. Don’t worry if you aren’t entirely sure because your artist can ask you a few simple questions to help you determine the answers to those questions and then expertly apply the perfect combination of lotions and potions to create a visibly smoother and more even skin tone. Next, comes lighting; a specialty of owner and photographer Cheryl Jones. She has perfected how to manipulate lighting to makeup not only your body look it’s absolutely best, but your skin also. Once Cheryl has finished with your session, your images move on to post production where every detail will be looked over. The scars and discoloration you don’t want are taken away and the bits that you do want – such as that scar on your knee from falling off your bike as a kid – is left right where it should be. So do what you can: exfoliate, moisturize, and drink plenty of water. We will take care of the rest.

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