A Life Changing Experience

Miss M came to the Belle Boudoir studio with a friend who had had a self proclaimed “life changing experience” with us over a year ago. She never anticipated that she would have had the gusto to follow through with a boudoir session and was a bundle of nerves when she walked through the studio doors. A friend can tell you all about their experience and assure you that you will feel beautiful and look incredible and that your photos will be amazing, but it is something that is hard to comprehend until you have had the experience yourself. Miss M is a very natural woman on a day-to-day basis. She doesn’t wear makeup or style her long beautiful silver strands. Instead her soft, supple skin, and shiny locks played the starring role in her everyday beauty routine and I could tell that she was hesitant when it came to having “camera ready” hair and makeup but assured her that we would keep things very natural and emphasize the beauty that she carries with her everyday. As we started with eyeshadow – the first step in the makeup process – her hands were folded tightly in her lap. But, by the time we had finished with eyeliner, Miss M was literally dancing in her chair! She had relaxed into her experience, was loving what she was seeing in the mirror, and knew that she would not be disappointed with the end result.

A couple of weeks after her session, Miss M sent us the most beautiful thank you letter. She explained that she had an incredible time in the studio and couldn’t wait to be able to see and share her album. Miss M said that she will now be our biggest fan and promoter – a compliment we do not take lightly at Belle Boudoir. miss m(pp w480 h319) A Life Changing Experience


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