My spirit felt beautiful and happy

Ms. L attended a local pin-up workshop where she soaked up tips and tricks on retro inspired hair and makeup, was able to get dolled up as though she lived in the 40’s and participate in a mini photo session following the class. This experience helped her to ditch her body-shaming tendencies and learn to appreciate and embrace herself. She fell so in love with the experience and the photos that she wanted to do more. A little research sent her to the Belle Boudoir website ( where she immediately fell in love with Cheryl’s work. Not too long after her initial search, Ms. L found herself walking through the doors of our studio to create one of the best gifts she could think of for herself.

The best part of the day, according to Ms. L, was seeing her photos for the first time. She was at a loss for words – they were beautiful images of herself “taken to the next level.” That is exactly what we want to provide for everyone.

When I asked Ms. L what the most memorable part of her session was, she replied by saying “the most memorable part of my session was working with both Nikoma and Cheryl – their skill and passion shine. From the minute I met both, I felt at ease and comfortable with them. My hours in the studio passed quickly in their company.”

Leaving the studio, Ms. L felt “incredibly beautiful – with the hair and makeup still in tact; however it was deeper than that – my spirit felt beautiful and happy.” 🙂

Ms. L’s story is what drives Belle Boudoir to constantly reach for the stars and touch as many women as we can. We want to make everyone’s spirit feel beautiful and happy! And guess what? Ms L is coming for a second shoot this summer!!

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