Evoked the sensuality of pregnancy

Ms. M was in her third trimester of pregnancy and spent her sleepless nights researching Seattle area maternity photographers when she came across the Belle Boudoir website. She was instantly captivated by the “artistic style of Cheryl’s photographs” and immediately booked her session. She felt that Cheryl’s images “evoked the sensuality of pregnancy that I felt very connected to” and knew that the end result would be something she could cherish for a lifetime.

Ms. M met her husband, fell in love, and six years ago the couple happily married. A few short months after their wedding, Ms. M was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 3 stomach cancer and spent the next year in chemotherapy. Her husband was a cancer surviver and helped her through the trials and tribulations that she had to walk through while dealing with this major life changing experience. It was a tough battle but Ms. M came out on top and has now been cancer free for more than 5 years!

Because both her and her husband are cancer survivors, Ms. M didn’t know if they would be able to have children – something they had always talked about. But, after 5 years of being cancer free, her oncologist gave her the “OK” and Ms. M and her husband were thrilled to find out they got pregnant almost immediately!

At age 35 and 8 months pregnant, Ms. M has never felt sexier! Her photoshoot with BelleBoudoir “marks the end of a large emotional and physical battle ending in abundant self love, love for my amazing husband, and a love I can’t wait to experience with our child.” This session is a gift for herself, her husband, and the little girl that is about to be in their lives. It captures an incredible moment in time – one of rejoicing and loving deeper than ever before.

When Ms. M viewed her photos with Cheryl following her session, she was in awe. There wasn’t a single photo that she didn’t love. She left the studio knowing that they were able to capture this incredible moment in her life the way that she had hoped for. Ms. M said that she can’t wait to come back for a boudoir session in the future and we can’t wait to have her back!

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