Hiding your session: Getting a little extra Cash Back at check-out

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When women come into the studio who are successfully keeping their boudoir session a secret from their significant other, I always like to ask how they have been able to do it. Everyone has different answers, tips, and tricks, for keeping the perfect secret but every now and again someone tells me something that is so smart, I have to share! That is exactly what happened when I heard about how a recent client was able to hide the financial aspect of her session. Like most married couples, this client and her husband shared bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and she was racking her brain on how to spend the money on her session while still keeping it a secret from her husband. After weeks of racking her brain she finally figured it out! She could take advantage of her husbands ignorance in the grocery shopping department. Since she did all of the grocery shopping for the family, her husband wasn’t aware of exactly how much she would typically spend in a shopping trip which greatly aided her in squirreling away some money. Every time she went to the grocery store, she would get $50-100 cash back and tuck it away. That way, when her husband looked at the accounts, it simply looked as though she was doing a great job of keeping the refrigerator stocked. A brilliant idea from a brilliant woman! *clapping*


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