You are left speechless

Ms. M met her now husband in high school and they experienced many firsts together. Their first real relationship. Their first kiss. And now, seven years after marriage, they are expecting their first child together. Ms. M is seven months pregnant and will be welcoming their little girl into the family in early March. Ms. M knew that pregnancy was going to have it’s fair share of ups and downs but one thing she didn’t anticipate was the body image issues she began to have. That is when her husband stepped in and insisted that she have a maternity shoot with us at Belle Boudoir.

Ms. M grew up very athletic and has managed to maintain her passion for being physically active in her adulthood. She was a gymnast. And, as you can imagine, has always had a strong and firm figure. But along with growing a life, most of us grow a little bit too and it was a hard adjustment for Ms. M. She wanted to wait a few months after the baby was born to book her shoot so that she could “get her body back,” but her husband insisted the time was NOW. Not in 6 months. He wanted her see how beautiful she is right now during one of the most miraculous times in her life. He wanted her to have the opportunity to see the beauty in herself that he sees in her everyday. *swoon*

Ms. M walked into the studio not knowing exactly what to expect. After getting settled, Ms. M started with hair and makeup. She squealed when she saw herself for the first time after her styling session and said that she looked better than she had ever imagined she would and that she would walk away happy if her session ended there. She “felt like a movie star.” But, lucky for Ms. M, hair and makeup are only the beginning of a session with Belle Boudoir.

After hair and makeup, Ms. M had two hours and six outfit changes with Cheryl, owner and photographer for Belle Boudoir. Cheryl always strives to make each client feel comfortable and Ms. M experienced exactly that. She said, “”Seeing the hair and make up complete for the first time was breath taking. It made me feel like a movie star. I felt so comfortable the entire session. Even though the posing was a bit uncomfortable at times (you try laying on the ground and arching your back with 5 pounds of baby kicking your ribs!), I never once felt uneasy.”

Leaving the studio, Ms. M walked away with much more than she came in with. When we asked what she got out of her session with us, she responded by saying: “I really felt changed. It was surreal seeing the pictures and realizing that it really was me, not someone else. All my worries about being a “huge” pregnant lady had completely vanished. I felt sexy for the first time in months, more beautiful than I had ever felt, and possibly for the first time in my life 100% confident in my body . Talk about life changing. That may seem dramatic or exaggerated, but trust me. When you see your picture on the screen with the make up and the hair and the sexy lingerie and you are left speechless by how amazing it looks…wow…no words.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have helped another incredible woman be able to recognize just how beautiful she is to the rest of the world. We hope the feelings Ms. M left with, will stay with her for a lifetime. Her images, will forever be a reminder of her strength, courage, and beauty.

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