Hiding your lingerie in a “donation box”

When clients come in as a gift to give their significant other, I always love to ask how they have been able to hide their session from their partner. When you live with someone, share bank account, cars, etc., it can be really hard to hide something as big as a boudoir photoshoot. There are typically some white lies and sneaking around done prior to and on the day of the session. Everyone has different ways that they have been able to keep it secret…if they were able to maintain the secret at all. Recently a client of ours had to get creative to hide all of the lingerie she had purchased since her and her husband shared a home and a car. How did she do it, you ask? Well, you know that donation box that sits in your garage or hall closet that you toss items that into you are planning to donate to your local thrift shop? Since men rarely keep a box or a bag of giveaway items on hand, it is highly unlikely they would go through the box – or even know what it is for if they stumbled upon it. So our client took advantage of that and hid all of her newly purchased lingerie at the bottom of their donation box in the hall closet. Then, the morning of her shoot, she grabbed the entire donation box explaining that she was going to “finally drop it off” while she was out and about for the day. As you may have guessed, her husband was none-the-wiser and she was able to not only hide all of her lingerie but sneak it out of the house without him ever guessing she was up to anything.

hide lingerie(pp w480 h319) Hiding your lingerie in a donation box


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