Eyeliner for Monolids

A monolid is defined by having one flat eyelid as opposed to a separation of two lid spaces with a creases in the center. Not to be confused with a hooded eyelid where your upper lid folds over your lower lid. Finding the right shape and type of eyeliner for a monolid can be a bit tricky so I am going to provide you with a little bit of guidance to help you find your way. Typically individuals with monolids tend to have smaller eyes and therefore the vast majority of eyeliner examples are winged liner since the wing tends to pull the eye out giving the illusion of a larger eye base. Though winged liner may be the go-to look for a moonlid, it is not the only look possible. What you have to keep in mind is that the eyeliner has to be quite a bit thicker than the average in order to show up on monolids. You can stop the liner where your eye stops or you can wing it out, but in either scenario, a thin line simply won’t do. Making your liner 3x’s thicker than on other eye shapes is a great general rule to follow and as long as you keep that in mind, you can use any color and create any shape that you’d like. If you have monolids, be sure to use a waterproof eyeliner. Not water resistant, but a true waterproof (usually found best in gel form and applied with a brush). This is because the under eye on a person with monolids is typically flat or slightly protruding which causes the upper lid to touch and allows any non-waterproof liner to transfer to your under eye. So go thick and go waterproof . You surely won’t be disappointed.

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