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Today I had a client with naturally curly hair that wasn’t sure if coming in with clean and dry hair, as suggested, was the right thing to do. Women with naturally curly hair typically need to use more product than women with straight or wavy hair in order to keep down the frizz, and add some definition to their curls. Therefore, when they are told to come in with clean and dry with no product, their ears perk up and often question if that pertains to their hair as well. So today I want to take the time to clear the air and give some detailed instruction on how to prepare for your session at Belle Boudoir if you have naturally curly hair.


1. Do wash your hair the night before your appointment

2. Do use a deep conditioner or deep conditioning mask to pump in extra moisture and help to keep the flyaways at bay

3. If you would like for your stylist to work with your natural curl, then simply allow your hair to air dry overnight and arrive at the studio with clean, dry, and product free hair

4. If you are planning to have your hair straightened or have big loose waves or curls, you can either follow the above directions or take it one step further by blowdrying your hair straight before arriving with clean and product free hair.

5. Do have faith that the hair stylists at Belle Boudoir WILL know what to do to your hair to achieve your desired result. We all have tons of experience working with all hair types and promise we won’t steer you in the wrong direction!

6. Do bring in images of the type of style you would like us to take inspiration from.


1. Don’t apply product to your hair – especially creams, pomades, grease, gels, etc. These will only weigh your hair down and be counter productive when we are working to create sleek and sexy volume.

2. Don’t come in with dirty hair. The natural scalp oils also tend to weigh the hair down which is why most women with naturally curly hair go several days between washes – the natural oils tend to tame the frizz and keep the volume down. Unfortunately this is not helpful in a special situation such as your session with us at Belle Boudoir.

3. Don’t try any new product for 7-10 days leading up to your appointment with us to ensure that you do not have any undesirable results, allergies, or breakouts.

4. Don’t try a new stylist within 6 weeks of your session date! While there are many incredible stylists, not all of them work well with naturally curly hair and the last thing you want is to get a cut or color you are unhappy with before memorializing your beauty in a photo session with us.

Hopefully the above information will help you know how to prepare your naturally curly hair for your session at Belle Boudoir. And finally – DO feel free to leave comments and questions below if anything is lingering on your mind!


Nikoma (Hair & Makeup Artist)

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