Beautiful and Comfortable

As was the case with Ms. L. She booked her session with Belle Boudoir as a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift for her husband who travels often for work.  Something a little sexy and titillating to take along with him on his travels. A great reason for anyone to make their way into our studio. Once Ms. L had her session with us, she quickly realized that she got more than just a incredible gift for her husband, but also a gift for herself.

Ms. L met her husband in high school and they became sweet hearts almost instantly. They had a connection deeper than the typical teenage romance and they both knew that from the beginning. One afternoon after an average trip to the local store, he proposed the only way a young man knows how – with sincere emotion surrounded by all their shopping bags – something they still share a laugh about today. Immediately after high school, and with the blessing of their families, Ms. L and her now husband were married. She was 18 and he was 19. And despite all odds, they are still happily married 10 years later and are now thinking about adding to their family.

Ms. L has been wanting to do a boudoir style shoot for a while but the holidays gave her a great reason to finally book her session. As for choosing where to go, there wasn’t any competition in her eyes, even though she had to travel to our Seattle location for her shoot. And, of course, we are thrilled that she did.

Though Ms. L’s intention for coming into Belle Boudoir was to create a beautiful gift for her husband, she found that she LOVED her session – not just the outcome but the entire process. She felt “beautiful and comfortable” and found that she left the studio with more confidence than she walked in with. A physical gift for him, and an emotional gift for herself. A bit more than she had originally bargained for.

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