Disguising your real lashes into falsies

Yesterday I had a client ask me how I was going to be able to disguise her eyelashes into the false lashes I was planning to apply and it struck me that there are probably far more women with that exact question. In order to decode the answer for you, I am going to explain how I apply false lashes in 6 easy steps.

1. Grab the false lash at the outer corner and pull it away from the package

2. Measure the length of the strip (base) of the lash to your natural lash line and trim off the excess from the outside of the lash. If you cut them from the inside of the lash, there will not be a graduation into the longest lashest and they will look significantly less natural.

3. Apply a thin, even layer of glue across the base of the lash and allow to dry to a sticky consistency – typically 20 seconds. I recommend using Duo glue in either clear or black but Ardell works well too if you are unable to find Duo.

4. Start in the middle of the lash line and press the false lash as far into your natural lash line as possible, moving outward until you reach the corners. Hold the inner corner down until it fully adheres.

5. If you are able to see any areas where the glue is visible, use your eyeliner to disguise it into your look.

6. With the mascara of your choice, start at the base of your natural lashes and press them up into the false lashes as you apply a light layer to darken  your lashes to the color of the falsies.

AAaaaaand Viola! You have perfectly applied and disguised false lashes.


Nikoma (Makeup Artist)

seattle boudoir makeup(pp w768 h511) Disguising your real lashes into falsies


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