Breaking Out Of Her Shell

What do you do when you are a woman in your 30’s with a lingerie obsession that needs some help breaking out of your shell? You book a session with Belle Boudoir, obviously! At least that is what Ms. S decided to do and we think she made the right decision.

Women come in to the studio for many different reasons but when Ms. S shared her story with me, I had to share it with all of you. Ms. S has always been shy and more reserved than her peers. She never considered herself to be exceptionally beautiful and was more likely to be the girl in the corner of a party than the girl cutting a rug on the dance floor. Ms. S never wanted to be the center of attention and in fact, the idea of it scared the heck out of her. In order to help herself break out of her shyness and simultaneously do something wonderful for herself, she booked a session at Belle Boudoir.

While she was shopping for some beautiful new lingerie pieces for her photoshoot, Ms. S was asked to model in an upcoming lingerie fashion show taking place here in the Seattle area and we can all see why! She is absolutely STUNNING – both inside and out. And in addition to her external beauty she is also funny, intelligent, charming, and has a smile that can radiate through a crowded room. Ms. S’s photos turned out unquestionably exquisite and we hope that they will forever remind her of the strength and courage it took for her to come into the studio in addition to allowing her see her beauty through our eyes.

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