Let’s talk about Bra’s and what style(s) are best to bring to your photoshoot with Belle Boudoir. There are four main styles of bra’s; The Balconette, Demi Cup, T-shirt, and Push-Up. While you may love your t-shirt bra’s and wear them everyday, are they the best style for your boudoir shoot? You be the judge. Below I am going to break down the different styles and explain how to determine which style your bra’s are.

The Balconette: This is a bra that only covers the lower half of the breasts. It typically has lining and is cut straight across the bust line.

The Demi Cup: Our favorite! A bra that covers the lower three quarters of the breasts and is great for pushing up and creating cleavage. It can be lined with padding or unlined and sheer. This style is typically covered with beautiful lace. This style tends to be the most universally flattering when you aren’t wearing anything over it.

The T-Shirt Bra: This style has smooth molded cups that are virtually invisible under a t-shirt or other thin fabric. A t-shirt bra is NOT the best choice for boudoir as it is the least flattering on its own.

The Push-Up Bra: A heavily padded bra designed to push up breasts and create a fuller appearance. It is imperative that you take the time to get measured before buying a push-up bra. Most women are wearing a bra size that is both too large around and in the cup. The key to a push up bra looking picture worthy is making sure that you are wearing the right size. This will ensure that the bra does its job and pushes up your breasts, not hide them behind the padding.

After reading the above, which bra style(s) will you bring to your session with Belle Boudoir?

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