Luscious Lips

Though most women come into the Belle Boudoir studio with an idea of what they want done with their eyes, choosing a lip color is always something that trips them up. Even though you may wear a statement lip color such as a bright coral on a daily basis, is it the right choice for your boudoir shoot? Or, should you ditch your go-to for something a bit more neutral or for a plum or soft pink or…? There are so many colors to choose from, how do you decide what is right for you? Below are 3 things to consider when choosing a lip color for your boudoir session:

1. What colors of wardrobe will you be wearing? If you are wearing mostly neutral tones – black, nude, white – wardrobe won’t have much to do with your decision. But, if you brought mostly cool tones like purple, pink, and blue, it will be in your best interest to choose a cooler lip color to flatter your wardrobe. Alternatively, if the majority of your wardrobe is warmer shades such as orange, red, yellow, etc. you will want to stay within the warmer burgundy and berry or peach tones.

2. How dramatic will your eye makeup be? If your eye makeup is dark and dramatic, staying with a nude or other soft color is best to ensure that you aren’t too overdone and to keep your lips from competing with your sultry eyes. If you plan to have softer eye makeup, then you have the freedom to go with a more dramatic lip. The point is to choose one feature that you want to play up and to leave the others a bit more subdued.

3. Would you prefer timeless makeup or something more trendy and “right now?” If you are hoping for your makeup to be something that you will look at in twenty years and still think is classically beautiful, a dark or dramatically colorful lipstick is not the way to go since color trends go in and out fashion quickly. If your concern is not to keep things classic but to be a bit more on-trend, then play it up! You have a little more freedom to wear some of the bold and bright colors that are in style now.

If all else fails and the thought of choosing a lip color seems a bit overwhelming, remember that you have a professional makeup artist for your session at Belle Boudoir and she will never lead you astray. Trust in your makeup artist and you are sure to come out looking fantastic.


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