Old hollywood starlet for a day

Ms. J has always been enamored with the great old hollywood starlets and pin-ups. They evoke a certain femininity and sensuality that we don’t often see in the 21st century. One sleepless night while surfing the internet Ms. J came across the old hollywood and pin-up galleries on Belle Boudoir owner and photographer, Cheryl Jones’, website. Her heart nearly skipped a beat as she began flipping through the images and there was no doubt in her mind that she needed to have her own photoshoot. she immediately booked her session for the next available time slot and anxiously awaited for the big day to arrive.

Ms. J read the preparation guide over and over, borrowed some incredible vintage attire from a friend who works in the burlesque industry, and made her way down to the Ballard, Wa. studio. She was greeting by makeup artist and hair stylist Nikoma Souza and immediately jumped into the makeup chair a little weary of wether or not she would be able to evoke the spirit of the old greats like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. When her hair and makeup were finished, Ms. J was jaw-dropped looking at the transformation. She felt like she stepped directly out of an early 1950’s film and onto the set at Belle Boudoir.

Cheryl gave Ms. J direction through her entire shoot. She helped her with wardrobe selection, posing, and ensuring that she looked and felt comfortable the entire time. Ms. J had a blast throughout her session saying that she “never anticipated laughing so much!” When she took her lunch break after her session Ms. J couldn’t imagine the day getting any better…until she saw her images. Her jaw nearly hit the floor as she squealed out of excitement. She couldn’t believe that it was HER in the photos.

Ms. J not only was able to fulfill her dream of playing an old hollywood starlet for a day but she is now able to carry that dream with her in the form of an incredibly beautiful coffee table book…HER book.

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