Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

If you are one of the 8% of the worlds population to be blessed with hazel eyes, you are in for a real treat when it comes to playing with eyeshadow colors. You get to choose which of the colors in your eyes that you would like to make stand out more. I’m sure that you have noticed that your eyes “change color” depending on what you are wearing. Right? Well, the same is true based on what colors you use on your eyes. Certain eyeshadow colors will give the perception that your eyes are more one color or another. Use the guideline below to decided what colors you may want to choose.

More Green: Red is opposite of green on the color wheel so anything with a red undertone will make your eyes look more green. Really warm browns, copper, cranberry, etc. And plum shadows with red undertones are thoroughly flattering as well. Keeping your shadows warm and finishing them with jet black mascara will ensure that your eyes stand out, not your makeup.

More Blue: Since orange in opposite on the color wheel from blue, anything with an orange undertone will make your baby blue’s truly POP. I suggest going with bronze, copper, soft peach, and warm nude tones. You can also wear warmer purple and plum colors as these are complimentary to blue eyes but will not give the same intensity as something with an orange undertone.

More Brown: Blue tends to make brown eyes look a shade lighter and brighter. I know most people think that since we are out of the 80’s, blue eyeshadow is no longer en vogue but I beg to differ. Sure, the powder blue shimmer applied from your lash line to brow bone is a thing of the past but there are tons of ways to work blue into your routine without looking dated. Choosing a grey or gunmetal with a blue undertone is an easy and relatively neutral way to wear blue. You can also use a little pop of a soft silvery-blue in the inner corner or center of your eyelid to create a color contrast. My favorite way to add in blue when working on brown eyes, is by lining the inner upper rim of the eye with a royal or dark blue color. This puts the blue as close to your eyes as it can get and makes the color less noticeable but everyone will wonder what you did to make your eyes look so vibrant.

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