Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

If you are like me, you were born with what is called “hooded” eyelids. Hooded eyelids happen when the upper lid “hangs” over the lower lid making it “disappear” when your eyes are open. If your eyes are hooded, I’m sure that you have fought the fight of trying to find an eyeliner that won’t transfer on your eyes leaving an unwanted half-moon line in the crease of your eye. In this blog, I am going to divulge some of the best kept makeup artist secrets to getting the most out of your eye shape with eyeliner.


  • Do find a great waterproof eyeliner. Most eyeliner gels and waterproof liquid pens are a great bet.
  • Do buy your eyeliner from someone who will happily take it back or exchange it for you if it doesn’t work out
  • Do use a eyelid primer to reduce the oil on your upper eyelids
  • If you choose to line your upper eyelids, keep the line as close to your lashes as possible. Thick line will close your eyes and make them appear smaller
  • Do try tight-lining your eyes with a waterproof gel vs. lining your upper lid. Tight-lining is when you apply eyeliner to the inner, upper waterline. This will give definition to your eyes and extend your lashline without closing down your lids.


  • Don’t use traditional pencil eyeliners as they will transfer
  • Don’t use non-waterproof eyeliner
  • Don’t use a thick liner line as it will make your eyes look smaller

seattle boudoir photography(pp w768 h572) Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes


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