Cannot wait to do one again!

We want to thank all of our out-of-state and international clients for making the trip out here. In a span of about a week, we had women travel from Colorado, Canada, and Hawaii just for the shoots with us!! Being that we are an all-inclusive studio, we offer more to our clients to help them prepare for their big day and ensure that it is nothing short of spectacular. In the case of Ms. B, she found us while living in another country!

Ms. B took up snowboarding in her mid 20’s and found that she had a natural talent. She quickly became technically skilled and started racing professionally. While she still competes on the slopes herself, Ms. B’s road took her to South America to coach a local snowboard team. Her life couldn’t have been better. Not only did she have her dream career but she had met and become engaged to a beautiful Chilean man while in South America. Her fiancé grew up on a remote island and boudoir was not a common gift idea in his culture so naturally, Ms. B had to do it for him!

It was June of 2014 when Ms. B began her search for the perfect boudoir studio. She didn’t mind traveling in order to have the perfect experience and best photos she could find. She searched through all the major U.S. cities, Dallas, NY, LA, SF, Seattle, Denver…etc., until she found Belle Boudoir. The “website stood above the rest in professionalism, quality of photos (before and aftter), and (that) the session was all inclusive.” She contacted Cheryl in July of 2014 and began her journey toward her in-studio session.

By February of 2015, Ms. B and her fiancé called off their engagement and parted ways due to infidelity on his part. She was devastated. Now Ms. B was faced with the decision of wether or not to move forward with her session at Belle Boudoir. Sure, it wouldn’t be for the same reason she originally booked it for but she “was in the best shape of (her) life, (she) was single, had low self-esteem,” and figured that giving herself a 5-star trip to Seattle for her boudoir session was exactly what she needed.

Ms. B arrived at the studio full of excitement and anticipation. She “loved how much fun (she) had. From working with the amazingly talented make-up artist to the posing and laughing during the shoot.” (There is never a shortage of laughter during a session with Belle Boudoir!) Ms. B had never done a boudoir session but she “cannot wait to do one again!” When we asked Ms. B how she felt after her session she responded by saying “I felt beautiful, empowered, hopeful, and ready for the future. I am so grateful that I did this as it was the exact motivation I needed to compete my transition into the next phase of life.”

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