Look Stunning, But Natural

The majority of women who sit in my chair at the Belle Boudoir studio ask me for makeup that will “look natural” but also be slightly more than what they would wear on a daily basis. The fear that most women have is that if they do a natural makeup look, they won’t look dolled up or any different than they do everyday at work. I want to take this opportunity to explain how a natural look will still look stunning. Even in boudoir photos.

The way that a professional makeup artist does makeup is very different from the way you do your makeup on a daily basis. We do makeup for the CAMERA. The camera has a very different set of eyes than we do and therefore reads makeup very differently than our eyes. While your makeup probably looks beautiful on a daily basis, the chances are that it will appear as though you aren’t wearing any in front of the camera. How many times have you gotten ready for a night on the town, spent an extra 20 min doing your makeup, and teased your hair extra high – thinking you look fantastic, if not slightly overdone. Your BFF takes a selfie of the two of you before walking into your final destination and when you look at the shot, your makeup has disappeared? It has happened to ALL of us! That is because, as aforementioned, the camera reads it differently – more softly.

The makeup artists at Belle Boudoir have studied makeup and the way that the camera will see it and are well versed in making a natural look that will “pop.” Just because you want to look natural, does not mean that you won’t look absolutely stunning. Use the photo below as an example of a very natural but incredibly beautiful look. She looks polished, natural, and most importantly -SEXY! So trust in your makeup artist and know that you will be wearing MUCH more makeup than you are used to but it will look great on CAMERA. And lets be honest, that is what really matters when it is for your boudoir photoshoot. So don’t be afraid to go natural – we guarantee that you will look sexy!

Nikoma Souza

seattle boudoir natural makeup(pp w768 h512) Look Stunning, But Natural


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