Just Bitten

It is still cold outside but it’s time to look forward to the top makeup trends for Spring and Summer of 2015. With the temperatures rising, it’s time to try out something new and update your Fall/Winter colors. My absolute favorite of the upcoming trends is the Just Bitten lip. I have always been a huge fan of this look and think that it is beautiful on every woman regardless of age, color, skin tone, etc. The Just Bitten lip is so versatile that when it is done correctly, it looks fantastic on everyone.

The main reason I am enamored with the Just Bitten lip is because it is super sexy! This look will give your lips the effect of being just bitten, as the name suggests. It can also look like you just kissed off all your lipstick in passionate make-out session and all that is left is a little stain from the pigment. Either way, the Just Bitten lip is a no fail look for your boudoir shoot.

To create the Just Bitten lip, I follow the steps below:

1. Ditch your lip liner!

2. Apply concealer all the way around the lip area and slightly onto the lips concealing any undesired redness.

3. I prefer to use a lip stain but your favorite lipstick will work as well.

4. Using your middle finger, place a small amount of lip-color on your finger tip and gently pat it into your lips beginning in the center and working your way out.

5. Focus most of the color toward the center of your lips and allow it to get softer as you moves toward your lip line and build to the intensity that you desire.

6. If you want a matte lip, you are finished. Otherwise, apply a small amount of clear gloss and Viola!


Nikoma Souza (Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist)

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