Hair Extensions: What They Are & What They Do

You have always wanted to try hair extensions. You can’t look on Instagram or Pinterest without seeing girls with hair longer than yours has ever been willing to grow. What you don’t know, is that most of those girls are using hair extensions to achieve their “hair down to there” looks. So, what are hair extensions exactly? Hair extensions can be made from both real human hair or synthetic hair. The best quality extensions are human hair. You can curl, blow dry, flat iron, and even dye your human hair extensions. In the Belle Boudoir studio, we carry all human hair extensions. That means that we are able to style them into your hair in exactly as you want them to be. Beachy waves? Done. Voluminous curls? Done. Stick straight and super shiny? Done and done.

Now that you know what hair extensions are, I’m sure you want to know what the benefits of wearing them would be. Here is a sampling of reasons that hair extensions are great for your boudoir session:

1. They give added length to your hair

2. The give more volume

3. Longer hair can help hide less forgiving parts of our bodies such as the dreaded armpit bulge

4. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, the extensions will. Which means that if your hair begins to loose it’s texture in the middle of your session, your hair extensions will still be as fabulous as when you left the hair and makeup chair.

5. To add color you don’t otherwise have

6. To emphasize a lesser pronounced color in your hair

7. To enhance the sex kitten character you are bringing to set with you

8. To make you FEEL sassy

9. To add additional texture to otherwise limp hair

10. Because they are just plain S.E.X.Y.

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