Hair and Makeup Touch-Up’s During Your Session

71784c79bab2b38def539cc2f42b4105(pp w480 h319) Hair and Makeup Touch Ups During Your SessionOccasionally we have women in the studio who are nervous that their hair and makeup won’t stay put throughout their session with Belle Boudoir. They are used to putting on their makeup in the morning, looking in the mirror at lunch time, and realizing that it has all slid off throughout the day. But, many women don’t know that there are tricks to ensuring that your makeup stays, not only through your photoshoot but also for the day. Our makeup artist, Nikoma, uses primers under your eye makeup and foundation and uses waterproof or water-resistant products wherever possible. Her makeup skills have stood the test of time under the hot lights of the studio and beyond. However, even makeup isn’t magic, and your lip color is bound to come off, de-shine, or lighten up before the end of your session. Therefore, the one thing we highly recommend that you bring with you is your favorite lipgloss or lipstick to touch up with during your session. Don’t worry if the one you bring isn’t the same as what you and your makeup artist decide on initially – it will just give you a little more variety in your photos. After all, isn’t variety the spice of life?


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