A Very Boudoir Birthday

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After 17 years of being single and “kissing a lot of frogs along the way,” 52 year old Ms. C. met the love of her life. Recently, the two not only celebrated 10 years of marriage, but they also celebrated losing 40lbs each! Talk about working (and working out) as a team! So, when her husband asked for boudoir photos for his birthday, Ms. C. simply couldn’t say no. Although she was hesitant, once Ms. C. found Belle Boudoir and looked through the before and after gallery, in addition to reading past clients feedback, she knew it was the right place to book.

Although Ms. C. was doing the photoshoot for her husband, she was determined to enjoy herself, and she did just that. Her first boost of confidence came after Nikoma was finished with her makeup. She said that she “didn’t think (her) eyes could look so beautiful! And Cheryl’s process was so organized and instructional, I didn’t have to think other than to follow her lead. She made it all so easy! (Cheryl) took all of the thinking and anxiety out of the equation. Frankly, it would be difficult NOT to feel at ease in her presence. (Cheryl) is very friendly, funny, down-to-earth and comfortable to be with.”

Seeing the slideshow of her photos after her session was a high point for Ms. C. She was stunned and excited to show her husband her photos. Leaving the studio for the day, she “felt completely liberated at having faced my fears and at being reintroduced to myself as a beautiful sexy woman, in spite off my age.”

At Belle Boudoir, we think women are beautiful at EVERY age. We want to help you celebrate your beauty exactly where you are today. We are thrilled to have been able to help Ms. C. embrace her beauty.


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