Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

I love almond shaped eyes because of their versatility. You can have larger or smaller almond shaped eyes. They can be up-turned, downturned, or simply straight across. Because of the versatility you have with almond eyes, you have plenty of play room when it comes to eyeliner and the shape you choose should depend on the amount of drama you are looking for and how much lid space shows when your eyes are open. Less lid space means that you want a thinner line as to not make your eyes smaller, while more lid space gives you the option to go thick or thin. In my opinion, the most flattering eyeliner for an almond eye will accentuate the shape by starting with a thin line in the inner upper corner of the eye that gets gradually thicker as you approach the outer part of the eye. A wing at the end of your eye is optional but will elongate your eyes if you feel that you have small eyes or if they are close set. You will also benefit from a slight wing on the outer corner of your eye if your almond shape is downturned as it will give you a nice lift.

If you have almond shaped eyes, consider yourself to be among the blessed folk and bask in the versatility available to you. Go ahead and try something new today and add a little wing to your liner. What’s the worst that could happen?cd463699d9ab6fedd9a1cc58473322e1(pp w480 h319) Eyeliner for Almond Eyes


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