60lbs and 24 years later…

Like most women do, Ms. J did her research before booking a boudoir session at Belle Boudoir. She researched all the local photographers and boudoir companies she could find but once she saw Cheryl’s website, she knew her search was over. Ms. J was immediately struck by the photos on the site calling them “amazing and beautiful.” After being drawn in by the remarkable imagery, she began reading through what Cheryl wrote regarding the process and the many client reviews and she was completely sold.

Ms. J’s boudoir shoot is going to be a gift for her husband for their 24th wedding anniversary. That’s right, TWENTY FORTH (applause)! After recently loosing 60lbs., Ms. J’s husband was encouraging her to be and feel sexy and she thought a boudoir shoot would be a perfect way to do just that.

Although Ms. J has felt self conscious about her appearance, she found the entire experience with Belle Boudoir to be “absolutely amazing.” When we asked her what her most memorable moments of her day with us were, she answered by saying that “Starting my day with Nikoma and how welcome she made me feel. I usually do not wear much make-up at all and told her that I definitely wanted something more dramatic, I was so impressed with how my make-up and hair looked” and that “the photos were fun and Cheryl made (her) feel so relaxed.”

On her anniversary, Ms. J presented her husband with the photo book from her boudoir session and ” he was so surprised not only that I would have the pictures taken but by the quality of the pictures. He kept telling my how “hot” I looked. The pictures actually brought tears to his eyes. This was by far our best anniversary so far.

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