What to wear to a Boudoir Shoot

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Clothing, partial clothing, and implied nudity can all be sexy so plan your clothing items around what your comfort level is. Bring tried and true items you already have and feel beautiful while wearing. If you plan on shopping, make sure you’ve tried the clothing on, moved around, and love it. You will look the sexiest when you feel confident and good inside. Keep in mind, this is ultimately about what you want, what you like, and what you want to see yourself in. Your clothing should reflect your taste and personal style which we will in turn match with our studio sets and props.

Bra and Panties
Most importantly, bring a varied selection of bra and panty sets. Bring a black set, a white set, and then add colors and patterns if desired. The only color to avoid are nudes that match your skin tones. Bras and panties can be photographed alone or paired with other clothing items like garter belts and stockings.

We have tons of lingerie (corsets, bustiers, nighties) in the studio so unless you want to purchase lingerie for yourself to have after the shoot, you can skip bringing lingerie all together! We have built our studio to work with all colors as well as various patterns and fabrics. Start simple and grow more extreme from there. Think about what colors look good on you. Maybe even ask your fiance/husband/boyfriend what outfits he likes or what colors he prefers on you — in an unsuspicious way of course!

We do not carry this type of wardrobe because the bottoms are attached to the outfit — but they photograph beautifully so you might consider bringing one or two with you! We also have a small selection for sale in the studio if you don’t have time to go shopping. Teddies are a one piece style of lingerie that are often lacey and/or sheer. In contrast, bodysuits are similar in shape, but are solid and found in mainstream retail stores such as urban outfitters. And if you’re lucky enough to find some beautifully designed shapewear it will photograph beautifully and has the benefit of holding you in! The only catch is finding it — most shapewear is as boring as tube socks!

Casual Attire

Everyday clothing such as sheer tops, sweaters, shorts, and tees can look cute and sexy if photographed properly. A simple white tank top or cami is a must have! If this is a gift for your fiance/husband/boyfriend, then bring something from his wardrobe. This can be one of his favorite ties, a button down shirt, a sports jersey, recreational gear, or his uniform. Anything that makes the images more personal and sexy to him! It also adds variety to your collection of outfits and will add something fun and unexpected to the final book.

Any outfit can be bedazzled with a little bling if you desire. Accessories include jewelry, scarves, hats, stilettos, boots, gloves, fishnets, stockings, garter belts, etc. We’ve got all of this, but feel free to bring your own too!

Bonus Clothing Tips
1. Focus on quality over quantity. Fewer outfits means less time in the dressing room and more time shooting. Only bring the stuff that really makes you look amazing.
2. Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. Don’t stuff it in a duffel! This will reduce wrinkles and fold lines.
3. Clean the bottoms of your shoes (and feet) just in case they appear in a photo.
4. Cut off all tags (even bra tags) and make sure security devices have been removed from new purchases. We have scissors on hand if you forget.
5. Make sure your mani-pedi is fresh and neutral. French tips, golds, and soft colors look really nice. Avoid bold colors as it will become of the focus of the photo.
6. Opt for demi cup bras over t-shirt bras.
7. Avoid low rise panties and thongs if they sit below your hip bone, paricularly if you have tummy concerns. Cheeky, lacey panties photograph the best!
8. Don’t overlook the color white! Yes, white photographs beautifully — especially in black and white photographs.
9. Come to the session in loose fitting clothes without bras, socks, or panties to prevent dents or lines on your body.
10. Finally, we’ve got you covered (pun intended)! If compiling wardrobe is too much to handle, let us do it all for you!

Seattle Shopping

Bellefleur Lingerie | Fremont | 3504 Fremont Place N | www.bellefleurlingerie.com
$$$ – A sophisticated selection of designer teddies, nighties, corsets and a huge assortment of bras and panties. They are perfect for small-middle sizes. They do not carry plus sizes.

Diva Dollz | Pioneer Square | 624 1st Ave | www.dollzanddames.com
$$ – PinUp inspired clothing, lingerie, and seriously to-die-for retro shoes.

Lane Bryant | Northgate | 401 Northeast Northgate Way | www.lanebryant.com
$ – Beautiful lingerie and bras for plus sizes. Also check out their cute shapewear which is a surprisingly sexy boudoir outift.

Lovers | Tukwilla | 5301 Southcenter Blvd | www.loverspackage.com
$ – Lovers is an adult store with locations across the northwest. They have a good selection of lingerie if you’re on a budget. They do not carry bras and panties.

Nordstrom | Downtown | 500 Pine Street | www.nordstrom.com
$$ – Nordstrom carries designer brands like boutique stores. They are a great choice for classic styles. But if you’re looking for something racy or off-beat, a boutique store is a better bet.

Pretty Parlor | Capital Hill | 119 Summit Ave E | www.prettyparlor.com
$$$ – Authentic vintage clothing and lingerie perfect for a PinUp or old Hollywood glamour photo shoot.

Salua Lingerie | Madrona | 1406 34th Ave | www.salualingerie.com
$$ – Salua designs and manufactures their own line of handmade elegant sleepware, swimware, bras, and undies.

Soma Intimates | Downtown | 600 Pine Street, Ste 315 | www.soma.com
$ – Bras and panties in all sizes with a specialization for plus sizes.

Victoria’s Secret | Downtown | 600 Pine Street | www.victoriassecret.com
$ – This lingerie icon has everything from their famous push-up bras to gorgeous lingerie that changes with every season. They are best suited for middle sizes.

Zovo | U district | 4612 26th Avenue NE | www.zovoLingerie.com
$$ – Designer lingerie and bras in ALL SIZES! If you have difficultly finding designer bras in your size, Zovo will have it or they can order it for you.

Online Shopping

www.hipsandcurves.com (plus size lingerie)


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