The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do for a Boudoir Photo Shoot.

The number one, most important thing you can do is arrive at our exquisitely decorated studio in Seattle, it’s going to be AMAZING! That’s it. That’s all you need to do for your session. We’ve got the rest covered, it’s absolutely the truth.

But I hear you saying, “what else shoud I do?” Well here is a good place to start.

Start Reflecting

Wow… a loaded question, right? But a really important one. When it comes to the finished product from your session, ask yourself what exactly you want to see. When you look back at the images in 10, 20, or 30 years, what do you want to remember about yourself? What is the experience that you would like to have looking at the photos? How will the photos be represented — in a book, on the wall, etc.?

Exactly what kind of images are you hoping for? Do you find yourself drawn to anonymous images that show off the body? Editorial style? Have absolutely no idea? Your first homework assignment is to create a “secret” Pinterest board for your photo session. Without thinking too much about it, I want you to PIN anything that speaks to you and your style. Try to turn off your fear and over-thinking at this point. Don’t say things like “OHH that’s so beautiful, but I would NEVER be able to pull that off!” or “I WISH could look like that!”. That’s not the point of this exercise. After pinning multiple images, I will very easily be able to see a representation of your style and the type of images you are drawn to. Do you like soft, bright, and airy? Do you like dark, moody, and provocative? Do you like shots that capture body lines and silhouettes? Do you like close-up teaser shots of body parts? Do you prefer more modest portraits? We’ll find out together! The purpose of this is NOT to find photos to replicate. It is inspiration. Knowing the kind of images you really like, it will be easier for me to deliver a set of photos that match YOUR VISION.

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Soft and Lumious Boudoir

After creating your Pinterest board, we should also be able to draw from it ideas for your hair and makeup and wardrobe styling as well. For makeup, do you want something more natural or something more dramatic? Or do you see yourself in the middle — glammed up but not over-the-top? Or maybe you see a more classic beauty look? For hair, do you want big volume, tousled/messy curls, an up-do, or maybe something more polished? For wardrobe, what types of lingerie do you like? Do you like solid, patterned, lacy or strappy? Do you like monochromatic, neutral, or vibrant colors? Or perhaps you like casual attire more than lingerie. Take a look at your Pinterest board and see what you find.

 The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do for a Boudoir Photo Shoot.
Neon Dark and Moody Boudoir

You do not need to carry the burden of answering all of these questions all by yourself! I am here to help. Plenty of women walk into our studio and say, “I like everything, just make me look good!” And that’s our number one priority. No matter how much or how little direction you provide on exactly what you want — we will always always always make sure you look PERFECT.


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