Makeup intensity and The Camera

Allow me to paint you a picture: You are having a big night out with your girlfriends and have all decided to get dolled up for the occasion. You bought a new lipgloss and some false lashes to help you feel a little more glamorous than on other nights out. You spent an hour doing your makeup, taking into consideration all of the new tips and tricks you’ve learned while watching the latest and greatest youtube tutorials. You look amazing with your sky high heels, sky high hair, and extra long eyelashes. How could you not? When you finally meet up with your girlfriends, you all start taking selfies to memorialize the occasion and you love it because you know you look good. And then you look at the pictures and wonder “where did all my makeup go?”

Doing makeup for the camera is significantly different from the makeup that most of us wear on a daily basis. We use more foundation, more powder, heavier eyeshadow, and a more severe contour that would ever look natural in person. The reason is that the camera will actually tone your makeup down a full 25% – a lot more than most people think it does. When you look in the mirror, you may feel as though it is too dark or that it makes the texture in their skin more noticeable – something no one wants to show in their images. However, it is more important to get the coverage and contour that we are looking for and then leave the rest up to the camera, the lighting, and of course, retouching. You will literally end up with flawless skin from head to toe — even if you have severe acne. So don’t be afraid of the concealer, don’t shy away from the powder, and have faith that we at Belle Boudoir are in the business of making you both LOOK and FEEL amazing!


Nikoma (Hair & Makeup Artist)

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