Top 6 Hair Trends for Fall/Winter

The Fall/Winter 2019 hair trends seemed to be all over the place leaving me a little lost when trying to decide which trends to work into my everyday style. As I watched the catwalks of New York Fashion Week I also kept my eyes on the latest fashion campaigns and print ads to see if anything in particular caught my eye. While I didn’t see too many hairstyles repeated throughout this season, what I did notice is that the hair trends were all about extremes. Extremely high, extremely low, extremely big or sleek. I even saw extremely bright hair plastered across runways everywhere. After all my research, I have narrowed down dozens of F/W 2019 hairstyles to my 6 favorite trends and ideas on how to rock them in your day to day life.

Extreme Part

If you’re anything like me, you take a willy-nilly approach to parting your hair; pick the general area that you like it to be and then messily plop a few strands in either direction not leaving any definite “part.” To try out one of the latest hair trends, all you have to do is create a clean and definite part in your hair either directly down the middle or deep to one side or the other. We aren’t talking about a slightly off center part here folks, we are talking about drawing a straight line upward from the tail of your eyebrows to your hairline and parting it there. To kick it up a notch, start with damp hair to ensure the cleanest part possible and take it all the way back to the crown of your head creating a super long and dramatic part. Your hair doesn’t want to cooperate with a new part? Just add some mouse or gel to your damp hair, part, and dry your hair into the parted direction.

Curly Bangs

Curly hair ladies rejoice! The days of not being able to experiment with bangs is over as curly haired individuals everywhere are chopping their bangs…and wearing them curly! Frankly, I think this is the cutest trend I’ve seen in a while and has me daydreaming of naturally bouncy curls taking over my stick straight locks. I know you are probably anxious to give this gorgeous new trend a go but I urge you to put down the scissors and schedule an appointment with your favorite curly haired hair specialist. Your stylist will ensure to cut your new bangs to fall perfectly around your face and have the perfect amount of “fluff.” Need a recommendation? If you can’t make it to the Deva Curl salon in NY, I suggest Studio M in Ballard, Wa.

Brushed Out Curls

I can already see all of the curly haired ladies shaking their heads at the thought of brushing out their curls. The words “curls” and “brushed out” would typically be sinful to put in a sentence together but not according to F/W 2019 trends. It’s time to ditch all your lotions and potions and embrace the frizz! In order to incorporate this look into your life, section off your hair into 5 horizontal sections and, starting at the nape of your neck, brush out your curls until they cannot be brushed out anymore. Trust me on this – the bigger, the better. To take this extreme look one step further, add a middle or deep side part to complete your look.

High or Low Pony – nothing in between

I would like to take a moment to thank the hair gods for making the coveted ponytail an actual TREND this season. Yes, it’s true, you can simply pull your locks back into a low pony at the nape of your neck or a high pony on top of your head and be rocking the same looks that are currently plastered across every fashion magazine.

Beach Waves with Extremely Straight Ends

Yes, the leaves are blowing and the rains are falling but it isn’t quite time to put away your favorite Sea Salt Spray (I’m obsessed with Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray!) because beach waves will be on trend all the way through the end of winter. To easily achieve this seasons hottest beach waves, wrap 2inch sections of hair at a time around your favorite sized hair wand but leave 3-4 inches out at the ends. I like to alternate directions with each curls to create an effortlessly tousled effect. If you want this look to be a bit more extreme, you can run a straightener through the sections of hair that you don’t curl creating a very obvious shift in texture. To finish, finger through your curls, spray liberally with sea salt spray, and scrunch. Your hair will look like you just stepped out of the ocean – and smell like it too!

Blinged Out Clips & Stacked Hairpins

Of all this seasons hair trends, this is the one that will be the easiest and most fun to work into your daily hair routine. There are two ways to jump onto this hair trend; either finish off your look with a blinged out hair clip (Nordstrom & Claires are great places to look) keeping half of your hair pulled off of your face, or stack 4 or more hair pins in one area of your hair. I love to create a deep side part and then pin back the side with less hair by stacking a handful of pins on top of each other like a ladder. If your pins are blinged out – even better. This trend is all about the glitz and glam.

6 Best Fall/Winter Makeup Trends

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always rush to the magazine stands to pick up the Fall/Winter beauty and fashion issues so that I could scope all the latest trends and try to figure out how to work them into my own style. Sure, the pencil thin Drew Barrymore eyebrows of the early 90’s didn’t work out in my favor, but I picked up a few tricks that I successfully incorporated in order to refresh my own style. Remember “The Rachel?” It literally changed my hair game in 1995.

It can be tough to rummage through the plethora of beauty trends you see on the runway, the red carpet, and in magazines. It can be even more challenging to identify the trends and figure out how to work them into your everyday life. To take off some of the pressure, I have done all the rummaging necessary to bring you the 7 best Fall/Winter 2019 makeup trends that are easy to incorporate and translate just as beautifully on the runway as they do in real life.

Matte Red Lips

Matte red lips are seen everywhere and in every shade for F/W 2019. My favorite? Pair MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo lipstick with clean polished skin and minimal eyes and cheeks.

Rosy Glow

A timeless beauty trend that peaks on the catwalk in the winter, is an extra rosy glow. On the runway, it is typically seen a bit more intensely giving all the models that “I just finished skiing Aspen” look. To take on this look in real life, just make your blush the star of your makeup show by using only a sheer foundation, mascara, and dabbing a bit of color on your lips in the same shade as your cheek color. Gives your brows a little attention to add an extra frame to your eyes.

Warm Monotone Neutrals

Perfect this look by sweeping a warm neutral colored blush liberally across your eyelids and use what’s left on your brush to brighten up your cheeks. Find a sheer lipstick that matches your blush color and dab It across your lips to finish this look.

Dewy Skin

From the red carpet to the runway, dewy skin is all the rage. Dewy skin makes you look healthy and youthful and is achievable in under 5 minutes. For effortlessly dewy skin, apply your skin products as normal but skip the setting powder and trade in your powder blush for a cream blush – my favorite is NARS The Multiple in Orgasm. To bump it up a little more, dab a little of your favorite clear lipgloss on the high planes of your cheek bones and liberally on your lips.

Super Glossy Lips

This is the easiest trend to get on board with in the colder months since our lips usually suffer at the hands of the weather and feel dry and chapped. To achieve this look with ease, simply apply your favorite lipgloss as liberally as you can handle. When your lips look like they are almost literally dripping with, you’ve nailed it.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re 15 or 55, adding a little sparkle to your makeup is bound to brighten up these darker fall and winter days. If you are just looking to get your toes wet in the sparkle pool, use your favorite glitter liner – I love the price and variety offered by NYX – and pat a little across your lower lid to reflect light and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you want to dive in, use Stila’s selection of Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow liberally across your lower lids, under your lash line, and pat some over the top of your favorite lipstick.

2019 Christmas Cut-Off Dates

If you have thought about surprising that special someone in your life with boudoir for Christmas – please keep the following dates in mind to ensure your gift is ready in time for Christmas. November and December are the busiest months at our studio all year so book your session now.

November 25th

This is the final day to complete your session and have your book, prints, or product guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

December 10th

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christmas(pp w480 h320) 2019 Christmas Cut Off Dates

Shopping for your Boudoir Session in Seattle

 Shopping for your Boudoir Session in Seattle

You have scheduled a boudoir session and now you want to go shopping! The only thing we really suggest that you bring with you are 1-3 bra and panty sets. If  you want to bring more than that you are most certainly welcome to! Below are some places we recommend in Seattle.

Bellefleur Lingerie | Fremont | 3504 Fremont Place N |
$$$ – A sophisticated selection of designer teddies, nighties, corsets and a huge assortment of bras and panties. They are perfect for small-middle sizes. They do not carry plus sizes.

Diva Dollz | Pioneer Square | 624 1st Ave |
$$ – PinUp inspired clothing, lingerie, and seriously to-die-for retro shoes.

Lane Bryant | Northgate | 401 Northeast Northgate Wy |
$ – Beautiful lingerie and bras for plus sizes. Also check out their cute shapewear which is a surprisingly sexy boudoir outfit.

Lovers | Tukwila | 5301 Southcenter Blvd |
$ – Lovers is an adult store with locations across the northwest. They have a small selection of lingerie but they do not carry bras and panties.

Nordstrom | Downtown | 500 Pine Street |
$$ – Nordstrom carries designer brands like boutique stores. They are a great choice for classic styles. But if you’re looking for something racy or off-beat, a boutique store is a better bet.

Pretty Parlor | Capital Hill | 119 Summit Ave E |
$$$ – Authentic vintage clothing and lingerie perfect for a pinup or old Hollywood glamour photo shoot.

Salua Lingerie | Madrona | 1406 34th Ave |
$$ – Salua designs and manufactures their own line of handmade elegant sleepwear, swimwear, bras, and undies.

Soma Intimates | Downtown | 600 Pine Street, Ste 315 |
$ – Bras and panties in all sizes with a specialization for plus sizes.

Victoria’s Secret | Downtown | 600 Pine Street |
$ – This lingerie icon has everything from their famous push-up bras to gorgeous lingerie that changes with every season. They are best suited for middle sizes.

Zovo | U district | 4612 26th Avenue NE |
$$ – Designer lingerie and bras in ALL SIZES! If you have difficultly finding designer bras in your size, Zovo will have it or they can order it for you.

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 Come to our Open House! May 29th


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