Making Each Other Happy Everyday

After more than a year of being courted, Miss A finally gave in and went on a date with her neighbor. She had been hesitant but figured that one date couldn’t do much harm, so why not? As you can guess, one date lead to another and then to several more. Now more than a year later, Miss A and her now boyfriend are no longer neighbors but living together and are more in love that she thought was possible. When I asked Miss A what it was about her boyfriend that made him so special to her, she told me that he is understanding, a good listener, and fun to be around. If she has a tough day at work, he will draw her a bath and have a glass of wine waiting for her when she returns home. He told her that is was his mission to make her happy everyday for the rest of her life.

So, what do you give a man who just wants to make you happy? Something that will make HIM happy everyday for the rest of HIS life: An incredible book of your session with Belle Boudoir, obviously. And that is exactly what she did.


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