Shaping Your Brows

Tweeze, pluck, wax, thread, tint, shape, or maintain, OH MY! With so many options for getting and keeping your brows in shape, which method should you go with and who should you trust to shape and maintain your delicate facial frame?

For most women, it is best to get your brows shaped by a professional who will take into consideration your face shape, eye shape, and your natural brow shape. They will ask what type of shape you like – a high arch, something softer and more rounded, etc. If you aren’t sure, you can always leave that decision to the professional. I have always had great experiences at both the Brow Bar by Benefit (available in most Macy’s locations) and Anastasia Beverly Hills (available in most Nordstrom stores). Both brands specialize in brows and are the go to shapers for most of Hollywood’s leading ladies. When you are dealing with a feature that can literally make or break your face, it is always in your best interest to see a specialist. These estheticians will always guide you in the right direction and are able to suggest other products that may help you put your best BROW forward such as brow gel or powders and can teach you how to use them.

One you have your brows shaped, they are pretty easy to maintain on your own with a good pair of tweezers. I recommend using a slanted pair from Tweezerman or Anastasia Beverley Hills for the best results. When you are maintaining your brows. It is important to only tweeze the stray hairs. Do not try to re-shape your own brows as it can often end up leaving you with undesired results.

Since getting your brows shaped can leave your skin red and puffy and because makeup does not like to adhere to freshly waxed skin, it is important that you give your skin a full 48 hours to “settle” before your shoot with Belle Boudoir. This small detail will make your shoot an even bigger success.

Happy Shaping,

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