Lovely Lashes

What style lashes are best for your photoshoot with Belle Boudoir: Natural, False Strip, Individual, or Extensions? Let me help you decide! An important thing to know is that your natural lashes will not show up in a photo unless it is a close up. For that reason, I recommend using some sort of falsies to emphasize your natural lashes so that they show in your photos. So which ones are best for you?

Individual lashes: These are the way to go for the MOST natural look. I can place the individual lashes in between the natural lashes to create a slightly fuller and longer lash look that is so natural even you won’t be able to tell.

Strip lashes: Strip lashes come in many shapes, lengths, and sizes and we can work together to pick the perfect pair to flatter your look. The majority of the women you see in our galleries are wearing strip lashes.

Lash extensions: If you are planning to get lash extensions for your shoot at Belle Boudoir, I typically recommend to forego them. Lash extensions do not hold shape the same way that individual or strip lashes do and can sometimes look separated and messy in the photos. While extensions are a great option for everyday glamour, I don’t consider them to be the best option for your photoshoot.

The picture below is of our beautiful client from yesterday, Miss H. She can be seen here wearing a medium sized strip lash.

lashes Lovely Lashes


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