Hollywood Glamour Makeup

Today I want to talk about makeup in black and white photography as it is quite a bit different than color photography. Since a B&W photography only picks up depth and not actual color, lighter colors will appear white or varied shades of soft grey depending on how dark the color is applied. Mid toned and darker colors will read as various dark grey and black tones.

Take the below image for example. Her eyeshadow is white with a soft brown in the crease for definition. We did a jet black gel eyeliner and long glamorous false eyelashes. I filled her brows in a dark brown color and applied a soft pink blush on the apples of her cheeks. I finished the look with a bright red lipstick to give her that “Hollywood glamour” effect. Notice how the brows and lips read as almost the same color grey and the soft pink blush doesn’t show up in the image at all. And of course her black eyeliner and lashes read true to color.

If you are planning to have a large selection of B&W images in your collection of photos from your session with Belle Boudoir, keep in mind that your makeup will read differently than what you see in the mirror or a full color image. Talk with your makeup artist when you arrive and let her know that you are planning to focus on B&W photos and she will be able to guide you in the right makeup direction.


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