Hair Cut and Color

How far in advance should you get your hair cut or colored prior to a big event, such as a session with Belle Boudoir? Some people think they should do it within a couple of days so that their hair is “fresh,” but my opinion is that is way to close to the finish line. When you get your hair cut, the fresh ends and layers haven’t been trained to lay the way you like – they haven’t had time to relax. We all love our hair leaving the salon once you wash out the style the hairdresser gave you, it is usually another week before your hair starts to feel and look like your own again. This is why I recommend giving 7-10 days for your hair to settle from a haircut before your shoot.

When it comes to bangs, it is always better to stick with what you have until after your big day. If you get bangs cut and don’t typically have bangs, this could be disastrous if they don’t look the way you had envisioned. Bangs are very personal and if they aren’t just right, it can make your feel like your entire hairstyle isn’t right. And don’t forget that we have clip-in bangs in the studio that you can always use for your session. So leave the experimental bangs for after your boudoir session and ensure that you love what you see in your photos.

If you plan to have your hair colored, it also a great idea to give the color enough time to settle. A lot of times when we leave the salon, our hair is extra vibrant making foils and the hairline more obvious. It is generally best to wait 7-10 days between getting your hair colored and your big event.

So color on ladies and feel free to trim up your split ends but wait a full week (or more!) before coming in for your session.  We also have hair extensions for length and volume (pictured below). We hope to see you soon!

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