Keeping The Romance Alive

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful 67 year old woman in the Belle Boudoir photo studios. When Miss C’s husband of 50 (yes, FIFTY!) years asked her for a picture, she decided to surprise him with a collection of boudoir photos from Belle Boudoir. A much better decision than the typical selfie most of us would give. When Miss C was 16 years old, the year was 1947. She lived in Seattle and attended Garfield High School with Jimi Hendrix. One summer afternoon she was washing her car on Alki and when she saw a young man she thought she knew, she started waving. It just so happened that her now husband was driving by at that exact time and thought she was waving at him. Naturally he was captivated by her beauty and couldn’t help but pull over and talk to her. That innocent conversation started a lifelong commitment between a young couple who, for religious and social reasons, were not expected to marry. Their love has stood the test of time far beyond what most of us could fathom. I think little surprises, such as her session at Belle Boudoir, probably doesn’t hurt when it comes to keeping the romance alive in a 50 year relationship.

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