I feel fabulous and I am fabulous!

There are only a few modern day women that evoke the image and spirit of great starlets like Carole Lombard and Lana Tuner so when one of those women walked through the doors of Belle Boudoir for an Old Hollywood/Pin-up style photoshoot, my jaw hit the floor. This was going to be fun.

Ms. V had never had boudoir pictures taken of herself and although she was a “newbie” she felt “safe, comfortable and taken care of.” This photoshoot was a gift to herself with an added bonus of letting her husband glimpse at them as well. Ms. V always wanted to “get dolled up and transformed in the hands of amazing artists like Cheryl and Nikoma.” One of her favorite parts of her session was being able to take on different characters as she progressed throughout her shoot – from the sultry old hollywood starlet to the playful and sassy pin-up.

When I asked Ms. V what she took away from her session with Belle Boudoir, she answered by saying that “Belle Boudoir has professionalism, a body of work for the ages and understood my vision.  Seeing myself and my body through (Cheryl’s) lens has done wonders for my body image, I feel empowered, and more grounded in my own skin. I’ve also noticed that the sass has carried over into my daily outfit choices. I’m taking a little bit of boudoir me to the streets. I feel like I have a secret and a twinkle in my eye. The secret is, “I feel fabulous and I am fabulous!”

What do I think the secret is? I think it is that Ms.V is and has always been fabulous. We simply helped her to recognize it.

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