Her Nerves Melted Away

When Miss V’s husband surprised her with a trip to Seattle from southern California and a photoshoot at Belle Boudoir for their 20th wedding anniversary she found herself less than thrilled at the thought of someone taking her pictures while half dressed. She walked through the door, as most women do, wishing that she had more time to plan, to shop, and to be more emotionally prepared. What Miss V didn’t realize, was that all we needed was HER to have an incredible session.

As Miss V went through the hair and makeup process, she began to relax and enjoy being pampered by our hair and makeup artist, Nikoma. With each stroke of the brush, Miss V’s nerves continued to melt away. Just as her makeup was being finished, a delivery person from Ballard Blossom arrived at the Belle Boudoir studios. He was there to give Miss V a beautiful bouquet from her husband. The entire experience was an incredibly thoughtful and romantic gift. The gesture of the flowers in addition had even Nikoma’s eyes a little teary.

Although Miss V’s nerves returned briefly during the transition from hair and makeup to her photo session, the smile on her face at the end of her session said everything we needed to know.

We are thankful she allowed us to share and hope you love hem as much as we do.

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