Friends Supporting Each Other

Three stunning friends and Military Wives decided to book a group session at Belle Boudoir so they could each send some sizzling photos to their husbands overseas. Being the wife of a man in the military can be tough when you move often and go long periods without seeing the love of your life. But for these women, meeting each other has been the greatest support they could ask for. All three women often send mobile pictures to their husbands but when one of them decided they should do something a little more special, the other two were immediately on board.

Each girl had separate start times and while one had her photoshoot, another was getting her hair and makeup done, allowing for optimum personal attention and privacy during the shoot time. The one that wasn’t either shooting or sitting in the hair/makeup chair was able to flip through the sample books we have in the studio, drink one of the many beverages we offer, and dance around to music we had going (good ol’ country music, by request!).

These three friends came together to encourage and support each other in creating something beautiful for their significant others that was outside of their comfort zone. Having everyone in the studio at the same time generated an intimate yet lively party-like atmosphere that helped everyone get past their nerves and down to the bare bones of darn good time!

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