Eyeliner For Asymmetrical Eyes

2fd8d0f984a0a26b962b565eb9d573aa 199x300 Eyeliner For Asymmetrical EyesThere isn’t a human being on earth that is 100% symmetrical. One arm is a little longer, one ear is a little lower, one hand is slightly larger, etc. in some people, that difference is more visibly noticeable. Often times women with asymmetrical eyes ask if there is anything I can do to create the illusion of symmetry. And, while I am not a magician, I am able to manipulate the naked eye with makeup. In the case of asymmetrical eyes, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I will apply eyeshadow a bit higher in the crease on a lower set eye and use a thicker eyeliner on an eyelid that is larger than it’s mate. Often times, working with a womans eyebrows and painting them on to match one another, will significantly help as well.

A little bit of makeup magic and some incredible camera angles, are sure to make any woman look completely symmetrical. Don’t worry, you are in the best hands at Belle Boudoir.


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