Boudoir Calendars

‘Tis the season for calendars! With the new year approaching, many women are opting to purchase a gorgeous 11×17 Wall Calendar to give their partner for Christmas. It’s the perfect gift for the beginning of the New Year! Below you’ll find images from Ms S’s Holiday calendar starting with the cover. Thank you Ms S for letting us share!

If you’re interested in buying a calendar, let me know before we begin your session because creating images for a calendar is a little different than creating images for a photo album. Below are some planning tips.

1. Pick 3-4 months of the year that will have a theme and bring outfits/props to match. You can play up the theme as big or as subtle as you’d like. You can also use any of our studio props — for example, all of the props pictured in Ms S’s calendar below are in our studio!

  • Christmas theme for December. We just stocked up on a bunch of Christmas themed props at our studio, including a santa hat, candy canes, big bow, strands of christmas tree trim, and a christmas stocking!
  • Winter theme for January. Bring your skiis, a long wool scarf, snow boots, and earmuffs or mittons!
  • Valentines theme for February. Our studio has an explosive amount of red rose petals. Perhaps you can add a pink frosted cookie or large heart to the mix.
  • Brithday theme for his birthday month. Bring a cupcake (Ms S’s cupcake came from Cupcake Royale just a few blocks from our studio) or a small birthday cake. We can even get a little messy with the frosting! Balloons are a fun idea too.
  • Anniversary/bridal theme for the month you got married (or are getting married). Wear your wedding night lingerie or white.
  • Summer theme. Bring swimwear for your outfit and play it up with goggles or sunglasses!

2. Most outfits you wear will appear in more than one month (there is no way we can fit in 12 outfits!), but we can easily change the look of the outfit by using different backgrounds, props, poses, angles and light sources. For example a white corset can be used for the Christmas theme and bridal theme by simply changing the accessories and background. Basics like a white bra/panty set and a black nighty are a must!

3. Keep in mind, calendars have a special low price, so they are only available after the purchase of one of our collections. The good news is that purchasing a collection beforehand will allow you to pick more than one pose from each look so if you have several favorites you can have them all displayed in your book with the calendar featuring the month-specific images.

001 boudoir calendar(pp w480 h748) Boudoir Calendars Boudoir Calendars


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