Being On The Other Side

After spending years behind the scenes helping other women bring out their inner sexy, one of our own hair and makeup artists, Miss E, decided to take the plunge and book a Boudoir session with Cheryl Jones. She knew one of the gorgeous photo books we offer would be a perfect 10 year anniversary gift for her husband.

Even though Miss E had worked on several shoots in the Belle Boudoir photo studios, being on the other side and experiencing a session through the eyes of a client was more than she had bargained for. She felt excited. She felt nervous. She felt everything that every other woman feels who walks through the studio doors.

It was the feelings that she left the studio with, however, that had Miss E the most surprised. She felt strong. She felt sexy. She felt feminine and full of power. She felt herself walking a little taller and her inner light shining a little brighter. Taking the time to allow herself to be pampered and experience all that a photoshoot with Belle Boudoir has to offer turned out to be an incredible gift for herself as well as for her husband. All of the feelings that she left her session with have stayed with her for weeks. Our guess is that they will be there for life.

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