Au Natural, Faslies, or Lash Extensions

Which is the best option for camera?

Long gone are the days when women were having hair from their heads transplanted to their lash line to achieve longer and fuller lashes, and thank goodness for that! As a modern woman who doesn’t want to deal with mascara on a daily basis, there are now several options available that are significantly less invasive to help you achieve total lash envy. But which of the options are best for your photo shoot can be a difficult question to answer so I am going to tell you the pro’s and cons of each of your options.

Natural Lashes

Even if you have naturally longer and fuller lashes than most individuals, the likelihood of them making an impact on camera is slim to none. If you opt for any close up photos of your face you may see your lashes a bit but once that camera is pulled back to show more of you, your lashes will disappear. The only instances in which I would recommend going with your natural lashes for your shoot would be if you cannot wear lashes (allergy, super sensitive eyes, very watery eyes) or, if you are going for a super natural “no makeup” look.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions can be a great option for your photo shoot. You are able to choose the length and thickness that you like and benefit from your new full set of lashes for the next 3-4 weeks (or longer if you choose to continue having them filled). It is important if you choose to opt for lash extensions that you have your lash appointment no more than a few days out from your photo shoot. While lash extensions photograph beautifully when they are fresh and full, they can look “spidery” once your natural lashes begin to shed and they don’t hold their shape as well.

False Lashes

For those of you that have a hard time committing to something like lash extensions but still want the extra glamor of a full set, falsies are definitely for you. False lashes come in strips, clusters, and individuals and are glued to your lash line using a latex free lash glue. False lashes are meant to be worn for the day and then removed by pulling at the corner of the lash before bed. They can be saved and re-worn or thrown away – your choice. False lashes come in several different shapes and styles and there is definitely a pair that will flatter your eyes. The best part? We provide false lashes for you on the day of your shoot!


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