A Virtual Love Story

When Ms J was in high-school she got a Myspace (yes, MySpace!) message from a handsome college freshman who was immediately intrigued by her beauty. At the time these two lived in separate cities but found themselves regularly chatting via AOL instant messenger. Eventually they began texting and talking on the phone as well. Over the years Ms J and her MySpace crush got to know each other really well and developed feelings for one another. The only catch was that they still hadn’t met.

One afternoon when Ms J arrived as a freshman to her new college campus, she ran into…HIM. The couple began hanging out and having daily lunch dates between Ms J’s classes and quickly fell in love. Fast forward several more years and they are both out of college, married, and expecting their first baby in less than 6 weeks! A true fairy tale story.

Ms J came into Belle Boudoir for a maternity session so that she could memorialize her first pregnancy and also give her husband a thoughtful gift. We LOVED having Ms J in studio and helping her to capture one of the most beautiful times in her life.

Check out this gorgeous image from Ms J’s maternity shoot. We think she looks incredible!

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